Cucumber Melon (type) Candle

Cucumber Melon (type) Candle

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Cucumber Melon (type) is a luxurious scent that features fruity notes of cucumber water, bergamot and melon, accompanied by mid notes of berry vines, jasmine and white lillies. These aromas sit on a bed of violet leaves, breeze accord and musk, creating a unique and exquisite scent.  Whether you are working, relaxing, or entertaining guests, this cucumber melon (type) candle will certainly set the mood and uplift your surroundings

  • 100% braided cotton wicks with no lead
  • Hand poured in small batches
  • Highly Scented
  • Burn Time approximately 95-100 hours- 16 oz
  • Burn Time approximately 40 hours- 8 oz
  • Mason Jar- Great for a craft project or décor idea
  • Made in the Texas

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